1st. 2 Feb., 2013. Paris

Paris - 2 Feb., 2013

The first city – Yes, I was there. :))

i missed this city with very blue sky in very rare moments in winter without rain. it made me remember SG, which like a young girl, suddenly rainy and sunny…

it made me buy a umbrella, i choose an dark blue for clean but, whenever i return (when, when?) an very colorful one will be my choice.

i stood and lost at The Avenue des Champs-Élysées, but later, i thought it’s my lucky, cause if remembered, i would be very sad when i stood here and missed someone were here and remember another one, not me. 🙂 AQ

Remembered and appreciated a guy, who sang Stand by me twice for me in metro in these very cold cold first days…

Paris, Paris so far and so near. as very old lover, made me remember and hate.